Our Selection Process

01. Application

Initiate our selection process by submitting an application online or in person. We collect vital candidate information, including work history, education, and relevant skills, along with any supplementary experiences or qualifications, to pinpoint the most suitable candidates for our partner organizations.

02. Screening

Upon receiving an application, we perform a preliminary screening to evaluate the candidate's qualifications and experience. This process involves verifying employment and education history, checking references, and conducting a thorough background check to ensure reliability.

03. Interview

Candidates clearing the initial screening are invited for an interview with our recruiters. This interview serves as a platform for candidates to understand the recruitment process further while allowing us to gain deeper insights into their potential and suitability.

04. Assessment

After the interview, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the candidate's skills, personality, and work style. This may include aptitude tests, personality assessments, and other tools to help us evaluate the candidate's suitability for the cruise line industry.

05. Final Approval

Candidates who excel in our assessment are then presented with the opportunity for a final interview directly with our cruise line partners. This step allows both the candidate and the cruise line to ensure a perfect fit, aligning the candidate's skills and aspirations with the cruise line's requirements and culture.

06. Placement

After candidates complete our selection process, we collaborate with cruise line partners to secure suitable placements. We handle all administrative tasks, such as visa applications and medical exam appointments, facilitating a seamless transition for candidates.
Selection Process


The timeline for our selection process varies depending on the position and the candidate’s availability. On average, the process takes approximately 6-8 weeks from application to placement. 

By following this process, we are able to ensure that candidates are matched with reputable and trustworthy employers who will provide a rewarding career in the cruise line industry.

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